live life to the fullest...
live life to the fullest...

OCA TOKYOの物語を一緒に紡いでみませんか?

Live life to the fullest.
New values and perspectives will be created here,
at the intersection of the knowledge held
by you and others.
Step in to create the story of OCA TOKYO, together.
Sophisticated individuals with
their own unique style
will gather here to create
and enjoy borderless encounters.
Born in Marunouchi, the heart of Tokyo.


Spend time in much needed introspection,
or enjoy a bright cheer in speaking with friends,
always in a relaxed ambience.
Maybe even find a member to look up to,
and improve upon yourself.
Control your on and off time freely,
to create a “place”,
where you can truly be yourself.

OCA TOKYOだからこそ叶う、かけがえのない時間(とき)がここにあります。

Unforgettable, special moments
that can happen
only here at OCA TOKYO.
We hope that you find hints here to enjoy your life,
born through the vibrant and diverse energies
that will gather here.