Where your heart takes you
Where your heart takes you

OCA TOKYOの目指す姿は、開かれたプライベートクラブです。
OCA TOKYOの世界を心ゆくまでご堪能ください。

OCA TOKYO aims to become an open private club
for the modern era.
A place where one can be guaranteed
to meet intriguing individuals
and feel pleasantly surprised with the detailed
creation of the facility.
We’ve emphasized the creation of a space that
fosters moments of true surprise
and delight that can only be experienced in-person.
Enjoy the ambience we have created here
at OCA TOKYO to your hearts fullest.

A space for any states of mind A space for any states of mind

OCA TOKYOには気のおけない仲間と気兼ねなく使える、
OCA TOKYOでの出会いを愉しみ、記憶に残る上質なひとときをお過ごしください。

At OCA TOKYO, we’ve concepted a variety of
special purpose rooms filled
with personality,
where we envision social moments filled
with laughter and ease.
Watch your favorite film on a large screen display,
or host a dinner party
and cook your specialty dish
in our Party Room equipped with a full kitchen.
Create lasting, heartwarming memories with your
closest friends
here at OCA TOKYO.
We have also built a Japanese Tea Room to host
special guests with the serene
welcoming spirit of “Wa,” imbued
with the essence of Japanese hospitality.


And for the moments where you want to really
look back at yourself, use this
space to strengthen
your physical and mental condition at
our Conditioning
Room, or find yourself
in the Library and Bar.
We’ve created spaces with
pockets for you to
explore moments with your own thoughts.


The art of cuisine is a necessary ingredient in
creating a vibrant life.
Both our cafe and restaurant have menus offering
a wide selection of dishes and treats.
We hope that you will find satisfying experiences
here with the fascinating
array of dishes and services
with exceptional attention to detail.


OCA TOKYO prides itself on offering
professional personal
From our concierge service to personal trainer
programs at
the Conditioning Studio,
we are on-hand to support you
in making
your life more brilliant and fruitful.

新しい価値観に触れる機会に溢れ、魅力的な人が集まる「場」OCA TOKYOで、

We look forward to welcoming you to OCA TOKYO,
a place
where you will meet endless opportunities
to encounter new values;
a place where intriguing individuals gather.